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6 Popular Alternatives to PowerPoint

  1. Google Docs Presentation
    Google Docs is a freeware web-based office suite provided by Google within its Google Drive service. You can make and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.
  2. Apple Keynote
    Keynote allows you to create captivating presentations using powerful tools and impressive effects. Keynote offers 44 beautifully designed basic themes. Create presentations in Keynote on your Mac and access them from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Changes you make to a presentation on one device automatically happen on all of your devices. This way, you will have the latest version of your work. You can save your slide to Microsoft PowerPoint format, as a Quicktime movie, PDF, HTML, image file, or even directly to YouTube.
  3. Prezi
    Prezi producing a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas, making it possible for users to pan and zoom, and to size, rotate, or edit an object. You can create a more cinematic and engaging experience and lead your audience down a path of discovery. Customers who use the free license must publish their work on the website, which is publicly viewable. Customers who purchase a Prezi Enjoy or Prezi Pro can make their presentations privately.
  4. Brainshark
    Brainshark lets users create, share and track online video presentations that can be viewed at any time, on computers, smartphones, and tablet computers. They also offers a free version of its software called myBrainshark. Users also can turn presentations into YouTube videos. Brainshark released SlideShark, a mobile app for your iPad and iPhone that lets users properly display PowerPoint presentations on iOS devices, with animations, graphics, fonts, videos and hyperlinks intact.
  5. Vuvox
    With Vuvox, you can assemble a slideshow that’s more like a video. You can choose video type styles from spiral to postcards, to a tree format that animate, arrange, and place the media in modern layouts. It is easy to create a slideshow from the latest photos and videos in the news, using any RSS feed. You could make a very modern looking presentation, which will blow the doors off of any Powerpoint.
  6. SlideRocket
    SlideRocket is an online presentation platform that lets users create, manage, share and measure presentations. Users can choose a free 14-day trial then determine which plan to subscribe to. Users also can use a basic version of the software that is free.

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Essential Tips for Designing and Presenting PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint has become a popular workplace communication tool. I love PowerPoint since it is very easy for me to create something for a presentation for my audiences. Below are some tips about designing and presenting PowerPoint presentation.

The Basic Thing

The best PowerPoint slides will likely be worthless without the presenter. The slides are meant to support the narration of the speaker. The slides on screen are only part of the presentation, and not the primary part. You are the focus when you’re presenting, no matter how interesting your slides are. And you don’t always need a slide. Should there be a point in your presentation whenever you do not require one, inserts a black slide in your PowerPoint file, so your screen will appear blank at that time.

Organizing and Developing the Presentation

Organize and display your content so that everything is clear. Develop your presentation with the content first, in advance of selecting the design. By making an outline first, you are sure that the content of the presentation is solid before you are concerned with the aesthetic elements.

For trainings, there is normally a guidebook given to individuals. Your presentation isn’t just to become viewed on the screen, but in print too. It’s better to create a document which highlight your material in the presentation, and then expands on that content material. You don’t need to fill your PowerPoint slides with all that textual content. Try to not use dark backgrounds, or other style component that do not printed nicely.

It is better to use fewer fonts, colors, and pictures on the slide. Keep in mind, the most essential part of any presentation will be the content material, not the graphical attraction.

General Formatting Guidelines

Use three to five textual content slides for each idea. And one primary idea for each slide. Six to seven phrases for each line. Six to seven lines for each slide.

Choose general fonts inside your slide. This to make sure that your presentation is visible from the various PC. Use two or three fonts inside a presentation. It is also possible to create a really attractive presentation with just one font. To make it more fascinating and clear between headings and sub-headings, use various font size, bold, and Italic fonts. Emphasize important parts by highlighting, circling, or underlining them.

Minimal Is Better

Less is more.

Probably the most efficient slides are brief, towards the point, and legible. At most, your audience will only be look at one slide for few minutes. There is not a lot time for rereading. The information has to be accessible in one look.

Too much information, too many colors and graphics could make it difficult for viewers to comprehend your presentation. Transitions, text fly-ins, and animations might reduce the professionalism of your slides.

Limit the number of slides according to time you have for your presentation.

Adding Effects and Images to Add Value

Even though you can maintain interest by using fascinating transitions, do not be tempted to use of a more than one effect each time. Do not go overboard on results. A great presentation is according to you, not in your special results. Unique effect is similar to graphics; they should impact the presentation not detract in the presentation.

Compress the media in your presentation to smaller file size. Remember to ensure graphic images add value for your presentation, not to detract from it. Don’t include unrelated graphics. Also, graphics can use a lot of memory. Test your images to ensure they maintain high quality when projected on the larger display.

Check the Misspelled Words

Misspelled or improperly utilized words make the audience question the presenter’s intelligence, trustworthiness, or attention to detail. Make sure to proofread your presentation.

More Tips

PowerPoint has a feature that enables you to move quickly and seamlessly to any slide inside your presentation. You need to know the slide numbers. The simplest method to print a list from the slide figures and associated slide titles is to go to the Outline View and collapse the details for every slide. To jump to any slide, just enter the slide number on the keyboard and press the Enter key. This will directly move you to that slide.


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